Walk in the Jewish Ioannina!

Guided by a local, we will wander through the old town, the castle and the lake to discover the indelible well-hidden traces of the rich and tragic past and the dynamic present of the city’s Jewish community.

Ioannina – Walking in our “small town”!

Guided by the senses, guided by history and accompanied by a local, we will stroll in the city to look for the imprints of its glorious and tragic past and to experience its dynamic present.

Walk in the mansion Konitsa!

Where “three rivers (Aoos, Sarandaporos, Voidomatis) and three mountains (Tymfi, Smolikas, Grammos) intersect”, the balcony of North Pindos, the manorial town of Konitsa, stands majestically. Walking on the old cobbled streets we will find unique bridges, ornate churches and mosques, old stone mansions.